Welcome to Nicoprime Feedmills.

Nicoprime feedmills and laboratories is a fast rising agricultural firm with over 5 years of experience having the sole interest in increasing productivity among farmers across the Africa. With a production chain that includes animal feed-milling, poultry production, piggery, fishery, farm consults, cattle rearing and technical laboratory services.


Animal Feed Sales, Milling & Distribution

We manufacture Quality Animal Feeds ranging from Nicoprime layers Mash, Nicoprime growers mash, Nicoprime broilers starter, Nicoprime chick mash, Nicoprime broiler finisher, Nicoprime concentrates for pigs, Nicoprime finished pig feeds, Nicoprime fish feeds. We offer milling services to customers who come around with their personal formulas. Our products and services are available for distribution.


Sales & Distribution of Animal Drugs & Vaccines

We sell good quality animal drugs, vaccines & disinfectants from partner companies. We also have products franchised to Nicoprime solely for distribution to the general public. We provide professional veterinary advice on the type of drugs & vaccines to use in certain situations. We keep each drugs/vaccine under the appropriate condition accorded by the manufacturer for effective use on the farm.


Feed Analysis, QC & Animal Diagnostics Laboratory

We have a standard laboratory equipped with advanced technology equipments and experts who are capable of running all kinds of feed analysis,soil analysis ,quality control lab for animals as well as a diagnostic centre for all kinds of animals.


Sales of Feed ingredients, Additives & Premixes

We sell high quality feed ingredients needed to make feed formulation worthy of feeding consumption to farm animals. Essential nutrients are also available for sale in any given quantity.

Why You Should Patronize US

At Nicoprime feed-mills and laboratories, customer satisfaction is our priority, that is why we ensure that we deliver quality services that would make our customers happy and yield good results.
Over the years we have been able to acquire the experience needed to be the best in all that we do. Our team is filled with various experienced individuals who are professionals in their area of specialization.
We take several measures to ensure that we deliver top notch services such as making sure that our feeds are properly analysed and tested from our state of the art laboratories so as to get the required results by our farmers.
We also take all the required measures to secure our laboratory environment and equipments to make sure that our results are accurate. We also have certified consultants who come in from time to time to access and advise us on improvements needed for quality service delivery .

What Our Customers Have To Say


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    Head Office: Km 10, kajola-Lemomu road,
    Atan Ota, Ogun state.
    Ogbomosho Production Factory: Km 5,Old Ogbomosho-Ilorin road, opposite TDB Gasland.
    Abaa, Ogbomosho oyo state.