Nicoprime Feed-Mills & Laboratory

About Nicoprime


Nicoprime feedmills and laboratories is a fast rising agricultural firm with over 5 years of experience having the sole interest in increasing productivity among farmers across the nation. With a production chain that includes animal feedmilling, poultry production, piggery, fishery, farm consults, cattle rearing and technical laboratory services.
Prior to this, Nicoprime mother company (Mercy land Agricultural services) has been involved in production of livestock, Animal feed production, piggery, cattle rearing, fishery for over two decades at our farm world situated at Kajola-Lemomu, ogun state. with over 250,000 birds that included broiler farm and commercial laying.
Nicoprime is also involved in the Technical operations. (A quality control laboratory and an animal diagnosis centre) for technical processes of agricultural products such as a feed diagnosis, animal diagnosis, drug testing centre. The technical laboratory serves as the diagnosis centre for the diagnostic production operations of the company. Also open to commercial purposes for other farmers and agricultural researchers who intend to carry out test or laboratory operations on their samples, farm animals or products. We provide adequate results using the best modern approach, equipments, to provide farmers with detailed information on their samples coupled with professional advices on steps to be taken in providing solutions if the need arises.
We also provide Consultancy Services, Procurement, Construction, career Training, Farm development, sales of table eggs, sales of drugs and vaccines, sales of farm implements etc.

Our Mission

Is to bring about prime productivity to farmers and an open production network where farmers will be aware of the components used in production of feeds being given to their animals.
Our technical laboratories ensure thorough research is carried out bringing about adequate and efficient result that’ll give farmers or researchers a detailed information about their samples and appropriate solution.
Also to have a reputation for great network of employees by meeting their needs, creating an environment for growth, total customer satisfaction, an open arm for investors as well as stake holders; a proper standard of production.

Our Vision

As a growing company, we have plans to enlarge our tentacles on drug productions, franchise procurement/Affiliations, hatchery operations, agricultural training school, human food Processing and production, Providing and distributing high quality products and services to aid prime productivity of farmers involved in animal health and production.
Also to open more branches nationwide and grow internationally.

Our Core Values

Teamwork, professionalism, Integrity, Trust, discipline and Quality Leadership.

We're passionate about growth

Driven by the mission to bring about prime productivity to farmers by providing quality products and services, our leadership team is dedicated to building a company that clasp for the growth of agriculture in a secure, diligent and sustainable way. With diverse and wealthy collection of experiences within and outside the agricultural sector, each of leadership member has an outstanding track record of leading to achieve excellent results.
Together, they are working together to make Nicoprime an household name and a major player in the growing agricultural sector in the country.