Nicoprime Feed-Mills & Laboratory

Our Products & Services

What we do

We offer a wide range category of high-quality products which include;

  • Animal feed-Sales and milling: we sell and mill animal feed ranging from layers mash, growers starter, broiler starter, finisher feed, chick mash
  • Disinfectants: We sell high quality disinfectants to tackle unwanted pest around the farm area
  • Feed Ingredients We sell feed ingredients to farm owners who uses a particular material such as the palm kernel cake for feeding of their farm animals
  • Feed Additives & Premixes Ingredients needed to make feed formulation worthy of feeding consumption to farm animals, essential nutrients are available for sale in any given quantity.
  • Poultry Feeds & Concentrates: Livestock finished feed, concentrates from our major suppliers are readily available.
  • Equipment & Warehouses: we are involved in importation of ultra modern farming and poultry equipments, sales and services. We also have locally made equipments for sale .
  • Table Eggs: quality table egg at farm price is available from our poultry section.
  • Poultry meat: live chicken that will be slaughtered and processed for human consumption is available.
  • Pork sales: Live pork meat in any amount is readily available

We also offer

  • Animal Diagnostics Laboratory
  • After Sales Services
  • Consultancy services
  • Farm Planning/Budgeting
  • Farm Management
  • On-Site Farm Training
  • Procurement